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Hey everyone here is a quick update, been busy trying to get footage for everyone on the trip. Had a quick look at Cyclone Jim’s footage of the 5/10 clip and it’s insane how close they were, the tornado is about 10 feet away from their car before and after it hit them. Will be […]

Hey everyone, Today we chased a mesocyclone from the Western panhandle of Oklahoma into Texas, got some great footage of initial rotation and lightning, this storm did produce 1 tornado but it was on our southwest side and it was rain-wrapped so we couldn’t see it. It eventually weakened but left us with some great […]

Hey everyone just posted the Oklahoma City News9 Interview with Ryan and myself, unfortunately I was unable to obtain Ryan’s Tulsa interview, but we’ll see if anyone else managed to grab or tape that! Enjoy! Also have a nice plug for F5Safaris here, they have the website address down, so hopefully Gregg will get some […]

Hey everyone, will post a full update hopefully tonight, we plan on moving into Wichita, Kansas around 10AM CST in a little bit. We went through some more footage last night and have just uploaded some footage from inside Chase2 where one of the vortices hit. We uploaded this footage to CBS and it went […]

Hey everyone, Chased for several hours and nothing initiated so we played frisbee for about an hour outside of Watonka “Where our grandparents will treat you like family!” Anyways we had dinner at the Cattleman’s Cafe and then watched all of our footage from yesterday. I just finished editing several videos and have sent them […]

Hey everyone here’s a quick update with some of photographs from me, Rachel (Australia) and Cath (Quebec). These first three are the photographs I took just south of Wakita on route 58, we were all out of the car watching the wall cloud build and as it did it shortly dropped the first tornado: Here […]

Hey everyone, just edited this clip of Cath’s footage and uploaded it. She was actually out of the window filming this! These vortices were about 150 yards away!!!!!! INSANE!!!! The wireless connection here sucks so i’m slowly uploading my photos, it will take me longer to upload my footage but I have some great clips […]

Hey everyone, I’m a little buzzed right now and we’re going through the footage and I can’t get it all uploaded but we saw four tornadoes and our second chase vehicle was hit directly by one of the vortices!!!! All of the windows were blown out!! Here is a video clip from a chaser who […]

Here is the first update since i’ve been in Oklahoma. I flew in yesterday from Hartford with a layover in Chicago, and then right to Oklahoma City. I’ve never been at an airport where when you get on the plane you have to go outside to board and go up a ramp. And there were […]