Hey everyone here is a quick update, been busy trying to get footage for everyone on the trip. Had a quick look at Cyclone Jim’s footage of the 5/10 clip and it’s insane how close they were, the tornado is about 10 feet away from their car before and after it hit them. Will be posting when I have a chance. Also have my footage as well. I’m planning on editing all of them at once so we have everyone’s perspective at the same time. There are also pictures from the News9 TV Station as well as a NOAA Doppler Radar Truck that we saw before we started chasing the storm. This truck cost about $1 million to make because of all the equipment. It was run by a few meteorology students from Oklahoma University.
These are pictures from the chase we did on 5/12, it did produce a tornado however it was rainwrapped and we were too far to the south to see it, however I did manage to get some great pictures. It’s amazing when you see this in person, the pictures don’t do it justice. The entire sky is covered and some of these clouds are so low to the ground it’s scary even when it doesn’t produce a tornado: