Hey everyone,

Today we chased a mesocyclone from the Western panhandle of Oklahoma into Texas, got some great footage of initial rotation and lightning, this storm did produce 1 tornado but it was on our southwest side and it was rain-wrapped so we couldn’t see it. It eventually weakened but left us with some great photo opportunities and footage, will post those pictures tomorrow, however I did want to post my first official footage clip, this was one of the first tornadoes that touched down on Monday just south of Wakita before all the chaos ensued:

Here are some photos from yesterday 5-12 when we were chasing in western Oklahoma and in the Texas Panhandle

Have to run, checking out of Days Inn in Clinton, Oklahoma don’t think today is a great day, was up until 1AM last night with Cyclone Jim Leonard (veteran storm chaser) talking about other chases he has been through and all his experience. The man is awesome and check out his videos and images, he’s been chasing hurricanes and tornadoes since 1974!!!! http://www.cyclonejim.com